Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let the race begin!

downhill mountain bike
Downhill biking. Photo taken from Wikipedia.

Kicking the pedals!


From the first walking machine invented by Baron von Drais of 1817 to what we now call motor bikes, pedaled transportation has already evolved in so many ways, from high wheeled bikes to hardtail mountain bikes, trek mountain bikers, rocky mountain bikes, mini mountain bikes and giant mountain bikes, and one of the most famous is the downhill mountain bikes.Downhill mountain bikes are used to traverse down a very rough terrain, and when I say rough.. I'm talking about fields of rocks, bumping into tree roots as you travel through the woods, or even the wave like roads of the slums of Rio. This sturdy bikes are used in Downhill Mountain Biking (as the name of the bike suggest, maybe the event was named from the bike or vice versa, either way, it lacks creativity). It is a time trial event when the course through different kinds of terrain. Downhill bikes are made differently from the usual bikes (Well it better be, no one wants to ride a BMX bike in this kind of race, cuz you don't want to jump from a hill and land on one wheel). Downhill mountain bikes are very strong, they're built to with stand shock from leaping off hills and bumping on tree roots, why don't we look at these parts a little more close...

downhill mountain bike
Photo of a Downhill Mountain Bike
What makes the wheel spin?
 Just like how pieces of gears clink together to make Big Ben of London work. Just like how ants work together to lift an object 10x bigger than their size. Just like how groups of people row together to make the dragon boat cover great distances. Mountain Bike Parts do the same with the Mountain Bike. They work together to make the wheel spin. Mountain Bike Parts are made specifically for rough terrains, made to endure certain impacts during the race, and built to last longer than the usual bike parts. Although mountain bike parts are far more superior than others, they are just similar to normal bike parts. The usual mountain bike parts are as shown on the picture below.

downhill mountain bike
Parts of a Downhill Mountain Bike

Now we'll compare it to a normal bike...

Parts of a Basic Bike


 I suppose by now, you know the difference between basic bike parts and downhill mountain bike parts. Basic bike only has fewer parts than the downhill mountain bike. Downhill mountain bike has more parts to fulfill more functions than the basic bike. Mountain bike parts have settings for certain terrains which make them more useful during traveling. Well, now that touched the topic of traveling, I guess everyone always wants to...


mountain bike accessories
Mountain bike handle with some accessories.


Travel with style..


Now, now... we know you want to travel around the world, but, what if you find your miss perfect? And we want her to notice you as you pass by her. Well, this mountain bike accessories might help burn your speeding image into their minds, and maybe their heart as well, as long as you don't crash into some trees. Downhill mountain bikes don't necessarily "need" this accessories, but, accessories are made for those who take a liking to them and find use to them. Some mountain bike accessories are for style, some are for the functionality, and for some, well... they just have the money to spare. Some accessories are seen above, some accessories are found or attached on the frame of the downhill mountain bike. Some samples of this mountain bike accessories Front lights(It would be dangerous to travel in the night right? But with this little guy up your front, even darkness can stop you from kicking), Water Bottle and Water Bottle Holder(YOU ARE NOT A CAMEL! Humans need water to survive. You won't live a week without it. Do you think you'll survive traveling without it?), and a handy dandy phone holder(No. Not a notebook).

Knowing the authorities..

 There are many mountain bike brands out there.. like McHale, VALTRA, Redrock, taarup, and etc. (As seen on the side). Most of these brand are established already. You can find many mountain bike parts and mountain bike frames here, mountain bike helmets, mountain bike shoes, road bike parts and etc. Just visit their site for more information on what things they offer and sell to you. It doesn't matter what brand you buy, if you don't care for your bike, it will never last long.

Well, this narration went from bikes to their intestines. Just to wrap things up, Downhill Mountain Bikes are the most recommended bikes for traveling, they can go through rough terrain that you would likely encounter on your escapades through the help of its mountain bike parts, and provide a healthy exercise to the rider with frequent use. The world is now very small due to the invention and birth of the internet, but it's always better to see the pictures of scenery with your own eyes than through a screen. And remember, the best mountain bike part is YOU! Good luck, Have fun!

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